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DL185 Storage Server

Chris Alvarado
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DL185 Storage Server

Hello all,

I have a DL185 StorageServer with 8x500 GB SATA drives. Currently 6 of the drives are configured in a RAID 1+0 array. I would like to add drives to that array. My question is, can I add 1TB drives to that array or must they also be 500GB drives since the existing 6 drives in that array are 500GB?

Thanks for any help.
Lord Pit
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Re: DL185 Storage Server

You can add drives to array in drive slot 3 and 7 (array slot 0-7 >> 8 drives) then from the manager it shoud let you add the drives. If not you must rebuild your array. That's the most common possibility.

Remember to backup data :)
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