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DL380 GL4 storage server + Iscsi

Christian Kratz
Occasional Contributor

DL380 GL4 storage server + Iscsi


I got some problems with the follwing cconfiguration :

1 Exchange Server 2003 SP2 + Windows 2003 R2 + Microsoft Iscsi Initiator
1 DL384 G4 Storage server with WSS2003

the Exchange database is moved to the NAS, and it works. But, on the WSS Event viewer, there are ISCSI errors every 10 seconds. For the moment, the system is the test server, but we need to move this server ASAP in production.

The errors are : DISCOVERY: Failure 1 from ISCSIManager: Failed to perform iSCSI discovery.
iSCSI: SCSI device re-scanning has failed.

Can anyone help me ?