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Re: DL380 Storage Server

Ehsan Shams
Occasional Contributor

DL380 Storage Server

We're planning to purchase a DL380 SCSI Storage Server and I am wondering whether the MSA 30's that attach to the DL380 in this model, are all supported by means of the Smart Array 6i Controller integrated on DL380 system board. How many MSA 30's can a single SA6i support? Shall we need to add additional SA6i's as we plan to add more MSA30's to reach the 13 maximum units possible?

We have the same question regarding DL380 SATA Storage Server with MSA 20's
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380 Storage Server

Hi Ehsan,

The Smart Array 6i is a 2 channel RAID Controller. Which means that it is only capable of controlling 2 seperate arrays. One of these arrays is the internal 6 drives (DL380 setup in single BUS). Therefore, only the original MSA30 will be able to connect to the DL380 Storage Server until additional Smart Array controllers are purchased.
To get the maximum 13 MSA30s attached you would need to purchase 3 Smart Array 6404 controllers. 1 for each PCI slot available in the DL380. Each 6404 has 4 seperate SCSI channels and can control 4 MSA30s.
If you are looking at maxing out the storage, you may want to look at a Fibre Channel SAN. One HBA can address multiple MSA1000s or MSA1500s with each MSA1x00 controlling multiple MSA30s or 20s (1500 only). If performance is vital, an EVA would be a better choice.