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DL380 sometimes can't see MSA20

matt wilbert
New Member

DL380 sometimes can't see MSA20

I have a DL380 running Windows 2003 Appliance Edition with 2 MSA20's on it. Sometimes, the server stops being able to see one of the MSA20s--there are a few scsi errors in the event log, and the server semi-hangs.

Rebooting does NOT clear up the problem. If you reboot neither Windows nor the Array Configuration utility can see the missing array.

Shutting down, powering everything down, powering everything up, and restarting the OS solves the problem.

Anybody have any ideas?

Martin Schalk
New Member

Re: DL380 sometimes can't see MSA20

I assume you've checked for any BIOS and flash upgrades for the SCSI card?
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Re: DL380 sometimes can't see MSA20

Remember to shut up the MSA 20s and wait until they are stable and then you can shut up the server.

If the server comes up before the MSAs then it might not see the MSAs
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