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DL380G5 Storage Server Troubles

Ian Pennington_1
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DL380G5 Storage Server Troubles

We have two DL380G5 9TB storage servers. We use HP Storage mirroring to mirror 1.4TB data from primary to secondary. Recently when the storage mirror service is running the primary becomes unresponsive and all users (350 of) loose connectivity to drives mapped on the primary.
No errors logged by the OS.
Perfmon shows maxed out memory pages/sec and also Average Disk queue length (total). Oh, and running the HP management agents also causes this problem? Any thoughts?
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Re: DL380G5 Storage Server Troubles

Hello, I am sorry that you are having problems with your Storage Servers. I have a couple questions... What version of SWSM are you using ? What else has changed on the system (e.g. install PSP, firmware updates, etc.) ? Finally, are uting using CIFS, NFS, or both for client connections ?

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