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DVD Surestore factory reset problem

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DVD Surestore factory reset problem

Can someone help me with setting a dvd surestore to factory defaults?

I use the reset button in the back and I'm able to change the IP address, but I can not set the user and password to factory defaults.

When I depress the reset on power up I do not get a blinking red status light.. it's more of a yellow color...
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Re: DVD Surestore factory reset problem

The manuals of these units give false information. the correct way to reset these units to factory default settings is:

* Turn off the CD Server..
* Press and hold the Reset button while you switch on the CD Server. Keep the Reset button pressed until the Status indicator flashes at regular two second intervals.
* Release the Reset button and wait at least two seconds (one flash of the Status indicator).
* Press and hold the Reset button again for at least five seconds until the Status indicator remains constantly lit (orange).
* The end result is that the Reset button is released and the Status indicator is steady orange
* Power off the CD Server ... and power on as normal
* Now all configuration (including IP address) are erased, so start with ARP-S etc...
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