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Data Recover HP AIO1200R very Critical

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Data Recover HP AIO1200R very Critical

Hi Guys

we have a 1 HP aio1200r with 12 750 GB SATA Hard Disk

in my Storage We have 2 Raid

1) Raid 1+0 with 2 Hard

2)Raid 6 With other Hard

in the Last Days one of Raid 1 is Failed when i Want Replace A anothe rHard OS not boot

and after we want restore with that HP recovery Disk 2 Disk on Raid 6 Failed

So i boot A server with HP Smart and See I have A one Raid 1+0 With 2 Logical Drive (LD 1 With 5 Gb and LD 2 With 30 Gb Capacity) And other Hard Disk not Raid and is a none Configure Disk

What's Happen?

How can Restore This Data?

Please Help me :-(





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Re: Data Recover HP AIO1200R very Critical

Can you perhaps explain maybe a little more clearly, as a raid 1+0 can only be created with 4 or more drives.  Can't have a raid 1+0 with only 2 drives. 


Billy Marshall

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