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Development on MV2120?

Rene Berber
Occasional Advisor

Development on MV2120?


Quick question: does anybody know if there is a guide about how to go around developing software for this equipment?

I've seen the downloads include MediaVault-opensrc which among many things includes a toolchain. I also have been able to login into it using ssh and see there is a (crippled) gcc (which is not on the aforementioned toolchain or anywhere else in the opensrc package).

I would like to know if unpacking the toolchain on top of the root file system is safe (it will overwrite libraries with copies that look the same) and is enough to make gcc "complete" (my guess is that the missing .specs file is what cripples it).

As you can see I can go on guessing for a long time, do I need to unpack x? what about y? so, if someone knows of a guide (that is not included with the MediaVault-opensrc as far as I know) it would be a big help.

People with experience in cross-development probably noticed that the tools given by HP are native tools, not cross-dev, so this is a little unusual setting.