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Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

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Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

Hi All,

I have a issues with my new StoreEasy 1460. I want to recover with the recover DVD:


but when I start this I get an error on the first task, Configuring disks; Partitioning:

createSmartArrayLogicalDisks : There were no physical drives found attached to the disk controller in slot: 0

the only choice I have is "exit and reboot"  or "Save log"

but when I choose save log it has no location to save also not when I insert a USB key.


anyone ideas ?




Re: Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

You need to check which smart array controller you're using,

if backplane's cable is connecting to S100i SR , you have to enable the S100i in BIOS because S100i is disabled by default.

You try to enter BIOS and confirm which controller displayed in the System Configuration.

Also keep in mind that S100i SR only support SATA disk drive so you check what type of drive that you are trying here


Hope this helps!

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Re: Error during recovery storeeasy 1460


thanks for your reply, but there is an extra HBA default in the server.

a HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10. there are 4 times a 8TB disk connected.

this is by default.

then there is one logical disk with raid 1+0

so from fabric they have installed it like this. but the recovery is not working


Re: Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

Hello BaukePlugge,

We have the same Problem, (opened a Case but did not get a solution since 1 Week)

Did you find the sulution?

best regards


Re: Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

Hi Hoeselr,

I am from HPE Storage team.

Please check if you are able to see the drives from IP by pressing F10 while logging to server post. On Intelligent Provisioning, select Smart Storage Administrator and check if the embedded controller detected along with disks.

If the disks detected, logical drive presented. check the health of the disks and controller. Delete all the logical drives from SSA and do not create it back. 

The recovery image will create the logical drives automatically.





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Re: Error during recovery storeeasy 1460

HPE just told me to delte the drives using SSA before you use the restore DVD.