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Exchange 2007 ASM Agent Problems

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Exchange 2007 ASM Agent Problems

I am having a similar problem to others on the forum; however the suggested fixes do not work.

Overview: When trying to setup the Host an Exchange Storage Group Wizard, I am getting the "GetExchangeInfo" error. I have tried the following as per recommendations on the forum:

1) renamed the Microsoft.Exchange.Management.dll
2) Ran the Update_Exchange2007_Credentials utility

I have attached the hpkapss log file for reference.

Other notes:
-Exchange 2007 SP1
-CCR configuration (tried both local server name and clustered mailbox server name)
David Straw
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Re: Exchange 2007 ASM Agent Problems


All-in-One Storage Manager supports migrating from the Exchange LCR configuration, but not CCR. I believe you could still use the All-in-One system to host your Exchange data, but it will require a manual process.

If you would like to use ASM to provision your storage and set up the iSCSI LUNs, I would suggest using the User-Defined Application wizard to provision remote application storage for each mail store and the log file. Unfortunately this won't take Exchange best practices into account.

Alternatively you could use HP Array Configuration Utility and Disk Manager to set up the storage however you'd like and Microsoft iSCSI Target to expose the iSCSI LUNs to the Exchange server.

In a CCR environment, I believe you will have to have the data pointing to the same path on each Exchange server. That means that you will need to have one of the following setups:
* One AiO Storage System for each Exchange server
* Expose similar sets of LUNs on a single AiO to both Exchange servers (not recommended - single point of failure)
* Set up the direct attached storage on one Exchange server to match the paths of the iSCSI storage exposed to the other Exchange server.

In any case, once you have the paths set up and consistent between the servers, you can use the instructions at the link below to migrate your data.

I hope that helps!
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Re: Exchange 2007 ASM Agent Problems

Thanks David. I didn't realize that the Exchange Wizard within AiO did not support a CCR server; I'd recommend documentation be updated to reflect this.

I'll plan on setting this up using the User Defined Application Wizard to ease the iSCSI LUN assignment.

Also, as a reference point, the replica server will be connected to an MSA1000 for its LUNs. Both servers will use Mount Points to reflect the same paths on each system.