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External Storage for a DL100G2

Dougal Holmes - Aust
Occasional Contributor

External Storage for a DL100G2

Is it possible to add an MSA-20 to an existing DL100G2 2Tb Storage Server ? I suspect I would need to remove the existing Adaptec controller and replace it with a 6402 array controller, but if I move the existing 500Gb disks to the MSA-20, will I lose the existing arrays ?
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: External Storage for a DL100G2

Hi Dougal,
Yes, you can add a 6402 to the DL100G2 and attach external jbods.
There is an open full-height/full length slot available in the DL100G2.
The Adaptec card should not be removed. It is in a half-height/half-length slot. The internal drives need to stay internal to the system.
If you've installed another add-in card to the system (SCSI, NIC) you will have to remove that card to install the 6402.
Hope this helps,
Jon Paul