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Failed HPMediavault

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Failed HPMediavault


I own an HPmediavault mv2010 (300GB)

I've had this or sometime and is now out of warranty.

I can't get the unit to operate correctly. All plugged in and set up. I power it up and only power button lights up no other front panel leds come on, can here the fans spinning and the hard drive power up. LAN light is blinking on the back and also the green led at the back near power cord is on,

I have searches the internet for information and followed it to the letter. I have also followed the HP knowledge base also.

I reseted it by pushing the reset button
Powered it up with hard disk unplugged

A few other things suggested in the knowledge base but still nothing. I can't ping it from my pc and it also does not show up in routers DCHP list.

I really need this device to be operational again as it contains backups of my computers, some media files etc. So I am not happy network storage units should be more reliable

I am wondering if you could help me to get it working again or to advice me on how to recover the data.

Also it said in the knowledge base that a device failure could mean the motherboard, where can I purchase a motherboard from or can you supply one to me, I can install it myself.

I have done nothing to make the device behave like this I just powered it it every morning just like I do every day

Thank you

Robert Wise

Martin Smoral
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Re: Failed HPMediavault

If you get no video then i would assume the drive/data is still good. so a couple options are 1) look on ebay for the motherboard. 2) look on ebay for a complete unit and move you drive over to the replacement unit. 3) move the hard disk to another PC and try and get you data off of it.