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File Share Migration

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File Share Migration

Just wondering what would be the best way to consolidate file shares to a All in One 1200. Can I use the ASM Agent to transfer the data or does it only work with SQL & Exchange?
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Re: File Share Migration

ASM does not include any functionality to migrate shared storage.

Share migration can be a very complex process, due to the fact that it can impact many end users. In the simplest of cases, Microsoft XCOPY can be used to move data from one share to another, preserving all security settings. This simple scenario assumes that the share(s) can be taken offline while the copy process takes place, and that the end users can manually re-connect to the new share location. If the process is more involved, then use Microsoft's File System Migration Toolkit (FSMT).

It is a free download from Microsoft and is designed to handle many of the more complex tasks, such as moving data in stages from multiple locations, and managing the movement of the share from one location to another without impacting the end users.

I hope this helps.