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File Share Migration

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File Share Migration

I use windows xp to access files/folders of shared drives located on a Unix server. My co-workers and I have recently finished a massive migration of files from one share drive to another within the same server. All of the work was done manually, meaning we opened up two windows of "my computer" and navigated to the two shares and then copied and pasted folders.

Along the way we encountered several different errors with error codes. Most of them gave no expalanation. The ones we encountered, we were able to figure out, but is there a list of error codes or messages and their meanings? I have searched high and low and found nothing.

As a reference, error code 1148 seems to mean the file path is too long.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Re: File Share Migration

So how long was the path for the files that you got the error? And was the path going to get even longer if it would get copied to the other share?