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Getting started with ILO....?

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Getting started with ILO....?



I have a HP StoreEasy 1040 Storage server, OS is Windows Stroage server 2012 standard.

My end goal is to access the server from outside via ILO/Console, in case OS crashes or something.

As now, i have only HP System management. have updated firmware on ILO to latest, configured HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility (Set IP address on ILO) and connected ILO to a public IP address.

What steps do i need to do now? I tried typing ILO address in a local browser, but "The page could not be displayed"

What else do i need.

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Re: Getting started with ILO....?

According to the quickspec


you have a dedicated ILO port, did you connect a cable there?

Or did you configure ILO for shared port?

Hope this helps!

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