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HP 3-in-1 Firmware Instal

Peter John Lavoie
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HP 3-in-1 Firmware Instal

I have hard reset this device and am attempting to reload the firmware. It is pingable at the address but can be seen only by Norton 360. One cannot browse to it by IP address or machine name, it is not visible on the network.

I have the firmware ("hpnas_split.nas") and "nasload.exe" and "nasunpack.exe" all loaded in the same directory from where I run the nasload instruction with the following sequence "nasload /a /s /U /P /f hpnas_split.nas". I have run it with both the /s switch and without it. I get the following:

Remote machine BRCM_TEMP_NAS ,at address> has requested a firmware download.
Downloading hpnas_split.nas...
ERROR: Transfer failed: 10053

I would be grateful for any suggestions.
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Firmware Instal

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