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HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

Felix Elgato
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HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

I will like to be informed if it is possible to change the internal Serial ATA 160 Gb.
I would like to use a new 500 Gb Hard Drive.
I tried to make the change, but once changed, the unit does not work.
Fortunately, when I reinstall the old 160 Gb HD, it worked again
neil stober
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

450 gb is largest it supports or somrething close to that . it is in manual
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade


The 3-in-1 supports a 500gb HDD. Mine has one installed.

When you install a new drive, you need to install the NAS hidden partition. Without this, the NAS can't run.

Get googling, since you'll need nasload.exe (the HP NAS uses a broadcom chipset) and hpnas_split.nas - the firmware. You'll also need a TFTP program to upload the firmware:

1. If the drive has partition info, then you would need to blank it using diskpart, clean, etc.
2. Connect the NAS Dock to a local network with a DHCP router so that it obtains an IP address from it
3. Connect a host PC to the same local network as above.
4. Run tftpd32 in the background
5. On the host PC, open a command prompt and type
nasload /U /f hpnas_split.nas /P

My NAS now (correctly) shows it has a 500.1gb drive installed.

This will invalidate the warranty blah blah blah.

Good luck!
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

where I can get this files?

Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

I too have put a 500Gb drive in mine. I put in a Western Digital GreenPower drive and it runs so much quieter and cooler now. It is definately worth doing, but will void your warranty etc.

As was said earlier, you need to get nasload.exe which you can find by googling. You also need hpnas_split.nas which you can download from HP within the latest firmware update SP exe for the 3-in-1 docking station.

With those 2 files, you also need to know the IP address of your NAS, and the username and password. Then follow these steps...

1. Connect the new HDD directly to a PC. Boot the PC with knoppix or linux.

2. Even though the disk is brand new, you must still wipe the first 3 (512k) blocks (just wait approx 5 minutes before using ctrl+C to exit) using dd command under knoppix...(note that your new disk should show up as something other than /sdx !!!!) TRIPLE CHECK THAT YOU ARE TARGETING THE CORRECT DISK BEFORE TYPING THIS COMMAND!!!!
>sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx

3. Connect the new HDD to the NAS and wait for a ping response at any LAN connected PC (takes a couple of minutes)...

4. use nasload to load Broadcom HDD image (where and are actual)...
>nasload /a /u /p /f hpnas_split.nas

5. wait until NAS automatically reboots and comes up as normal (usually the fan stops spinning - takes about 2 full minutes)

6. Start using as normal with the new HDD fully working.

There is a 600Gb limit on all NAS connected storage including internal HDD.
Stephen Edwards
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

I have tried this procedure but get a 10053 error at the command prompt. I have shut down my AV software but the error message persists. The new drive is clean (unallocated). Any help in cracking this would be appreciated, please.
Ed Karasinski
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

For the 10053 error...

Use - nasload with /a /s /u /p /f options

The /s solves the 10053 error.

More info on drive replacement can also be found at

Yes, this is info on hpmediavault, but process is the same.
Stephen Edwards
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

Tried this without success, still get the 10053 error. I don't know Linux, so tried Putty.exe (as suggested on the Media Vault link) to re-blank the disk - but a connection was refused. I'm out of my depth here and would appreciate any further help!
Danecki Jakub
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

Stephen: You cannot use HP NAS to zero the drive - you need to do it using the computer. I managed to zero first to sectors (should be enough) using HxD Hex Edtior that can access raw disc - You just need to connect the drive, open it in read/write mode and just type 00 (zeros) over first two sectors and then save it. If you mix up the drives, say byebye to your data :)
BTW: I would like to confirm success upgrading the device with WD 750GB drive. Of course I was not able to use full capacity - but I managed to get stable pool of 650GB (I'm nearly sure that limit is 655350MB~16bit*10MB).
Boris Horn
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Re: HP 3-in-1 Hard Disk Upgrade

what ist the MAX the unit does support ? how many gigs ?