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HP AIO 1200r 6TB SATA - File copy problems

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HP AIO 1200r 6TB SATA - File copy problems

We have a problem that we just noticed copying large files on our AIO system. It seems that the threshhold is about 17-18GB. If we try to copy a file any larger than that between volumes the copy (I've tried copying through the GUI, copy.exe and robocopy.exe) fails with the error:

"Cannot copy : Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. "

There doesn't appear to be anything logged in the system logs.

The system is for the most part vanilla. The storage manager has been upgraded to the latest version and RAM has been upped to 4GB.
The only additional software installed is DPM2007, SCCM client and the OpsMan client. Data protector Express has been uninstalled.

I've looked around quite a bit but the only official M$ note about this issue is for Server 2000. There are several other posting about simular issues out there but most of them have been left open ended. One thread on another forum suggests that removing a piece of monitoring software off their system resolved the issue.

Has anyone else run into this on one of the AIO's?

If it helps anyone, for now I'm using NT backup to copy the directories to a .bkf file and then restoring them to the new directory but this is SO SLOW.
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Re: HP AIO 1200r 6TB SATA - File copy problems

If it is a help to anyone, I have found the solution to this issue.

See this KB:

I used PoolUsageMaximum=50
(read carefully--this is the Decimal value. I set it to hex 60 the first time and the problem got even worse)

and PagedPoolSize 2FFFFFFFX0

No undesired behavior that I've noticed as of yet and I successfully copied a ~30GB file.