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HP DL380 G5 4.5TB Storage Server

Ian Pennington_1
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HP DL380 G5 4.5TB Storage Server

This server ships with the MS Win Storage Server 2003 Release 2 Standard x64 Edition 1 software.
My question is can I install MS Exchange 2003 Enterprise onto this server? Not just transaction logs and database but a FULL installation onto this device. I will have seperate domain controllers but want the data and mail server to reside on the same hardware device.
Many thanks if you can help
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL380 G5 4.5TB Storage Server

Hi Ian,

No. MS Windows Storage Server can only be used as file servers. Take a look at the FAQ here:

Q. Can devices based on Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 be used for tasks other than storage?

A. No, these devices are specifically designed to be file servers with large amounts of storage capacity. They cannot be used to deploy business applications such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server. Backup, antivirus, and other applications typically used in a file serving environment are supported along with any embedded database functionality including SQL Server and/or MSDE.

Hope this helps,


Víctor Cespón
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Re: HP DL380 G5 4.5TB Storage Server

Hi, although a NAS can be used to store Exchange data bases, you cannot install the Exchange application on Windows 2003 Storage server.

Check the following document:

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003, and HP ProLiant Storage Server