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HP Media Smart Server

Cynthia Kuick
New Member

HP Media Smart Server

We had to install a new router which changed all of our IP addresses and now I cannot access my HP Server.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Media Smart Server

Hi Cynthia.

What IP was the HP server on before?
What is the new IP's you get from your router?

I presume that this mediasmart has a static IP on the old subnet, that's why you can't access it.

Easiest here is probably to if possible change the subnet on your router to what it was before.

If you want to access your server without that. You can manually change the IP on your desktop/laptop to be in the same subnet as the HP server (by setting a static IP 'close' to the mediasmart).

For example if the mediasmart had and before. You can now set your workstation to and you should be able to access it.