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HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?

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HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?

Hi there,

I need to restore my HP Nas1000s 640GB model using the Quick Restore DVD, however I can't find a definitive answer on the exact requirement for what DVD drive (reader or reader/writer? does it matter for example?) and what USB Multiport Bay (I'm assuming) is required to connect to the USB port on the back of the 1000s.

Bear in mind I am in the UK so if I need to purchase something it needs (ideally) to be from within the UK.

Does anyone have an answer on the exact equipment needed to successfully restore from the Quick Restore DVD onto an HP Nas1000s ?

Part Numbers/Manufacturer numbers or even web links of the equipment needed would be greatly appreciated!

Lastly, as an off question, how do I find out what version my 1000S is? Version 1 or Version 2? I'm fairly confident its Version 2 (this is because we are looking to purchase the WSS2003 upgrade from America) but if someone has a method to prove that fact it would also be greatly appreciated.

All the best.

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Re: HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?

I can't answer the version question. However, if you register the server it will tell you which version.

But for our 1200s we purchased the cheapest HP external DVD drive.

The HP DVD 840E Lightscribe is availble from PC World Business at £53.50 ex VAT.

Hope this helps
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Re: HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?


Many thanks for the reply. Ironically I have that DVD drive in my PC at home, so I'll remove that and use it. However, do you know what sort of multibay USB "caddie" I need to put it in?

Basically, will it work with any USB caddie (for instance if I bought one off ebay) or do you need a specific "HP" one?

Thanks again

Re: HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?


HP Multibay enclosure takes a slim HP server drive, not a regular IDE 5.25". I will refer you to my prior posts to other people in the forum - you will find the part numbers and all relative info:

As to NAS version I can only guess - my unit (running WSS 2003 SR5.6) has an engraving at the top rear edge of the case (over serial port to PS/2 ports) saying "... Rev.3B". Also, on the motherboard between the raiser card and CPU there is an inscription "DA0S19MB8G2", which ID's elsewhere as a NAS 1000S motherboard - I'd assume that's a hint for "..G2". And last but not least, when I was doing an upgrade to WSS 2003, the system (with not much drama) automatically upgraded BIOS from v.3A03 to 3B01, rebooted and then proceeded with the system restore routine for WSS 2003. I'd say that BIOS version would be the best indication whether your unit is WSS 2003-capable.
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Re: HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?

I refer you to my previous posts, but below are details of compatible hardware from the UK;

"I bought a second NAS 1000s drive to experiment with. Following posts from other users I bought the following DVD drive to use with the NAS 1000s from in the UK;

The item codes are below -

HP USB Multibay cradle mfr#DC373B à £70.27
HP 8X DVD ROM multibay mfr#DC515B à £81.25

which worked fine as boot device. On another post, a user has said they bought a much cheaper HP lightscribe external USB device, but didn't say if it worked. If it does, then getting the lightscribe would be a much cheaper solution and quicker to install from as the multibay is only 8x speed."

My question is, did the USB lightscribe work correctly ? If so, this is a far easier and cheaper alternative.
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Re: HP Nas1000s 640GB - DVD Drive required?

Hi Andy

You can use the below parts as well

Cradle for below drives DC373B
Combo Drive DC364B

You need the Cradle and then you can choose between what drive suites your need.