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HP Scalable 4400 NAS solution Complaince

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HP Scalable 4400 NAS solution Complaince

Dear All,

I would like to clarify a few thing about HP Scalable EVA4400 NAS solution.
1. Is it support NDMP protocol for online backup; if not what is the alternative.
2. Is 72GB Solid State Disk(SSD) is supported in NAS solution like EVA4400 SAN.
3. Is this NAS solution provide file retention capability for CIFS and NFS file share if yes please let me know how and if "NO" what is the alternative available in the solution.
4. Is filtering to provide limited access by file type support is present if "NO" what is the alternative feature available to fulfill the needs of customer.

An early response from all the experts is required please.


Emil Velez
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Re: HP Scalable 4400 NAS solution Complaince

I will try to answer. You might want to consult.

1. The HP Scalable NAS is based on Linux or Windows so any backup agent software that supports the native OS could be installed and should be able to backup the filesystems. In addition you may be able to do image backups since it contains a standard EVA disk array which has a myriad of additional backup and replication capabilities.
2. SSD disks.. According to the eva can support the 72 GB ssd drives..Wow.. I did not know that..

3. What do you mean by retention ? I would guess that a program could be used to manage files and delete files with certain attributes after a certain time.

4. The filesystem is compatible to UNIX or Windows (depending on the base OS) so standard file permissions can be set on files and directories. A application or user hosting files can set owners and permissions on files as appropriately.

I hope this helps. Please double check this on the websites mentioned since some of your terminology filtering and retention may be subject to different definitions.