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HP Storage Works NAS 1500S


HP Storage Works NAS 1500S

About 5 years ago I purchased an HP Storage Works NAS 1500S. I think either the SCSI Disk controllers or the SCSI drives have failed.

I am an unable to find any mention of the product on the HP website.

When I submitted an request for email support I received notice that the system is down.

When tried to live chat that system does not work.

When I tried to access troubleshooting pages for the 1200S at (the closest system I could find), there was no useful information.

I've been sitting in their phone support queue for over 30 minutes now.

I'm going to start googling I guess.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: HP Storage Works NAS 1500S

When I googled, I found the 1500S on the HP retired products page:

Following the link takes me to a page titled: HP ProLiant DL100 Storage Server

I'm hoping that is an equivalent?

Under the troubleshooting page I found one article that might be helpful titled:

DL100 G1 Disk Drive Connector Issue Symptoms

That is assuming the ProLiant DL100 is the same thing as the NAS 1500S
Jon Paul
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Re: HP Storage Works NAS 1500S

The 1500s was rebranded the DL100 (G1). The system has an Adpatec 2410 SATA RAID controller with FW 7244 (this is important). The drives are all SATA.
When the system boots, do you see the CTRL-A for the controller boot bios?

Hope this helps,
Jon Paul