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HP StoreEasy 1430 Processor upgrade from i3-3220T to i7-3770


HP StoreEasy 1430 Processor upgrade from i3-3220T to i7-3770

We have HP StoreEasy 1430 i3-3220T in my office. Recently we got some spare Intel i7-3770 Processors.

I'm planning to upgrade current Processor i3-3220T to i7-3770.

As checked on the forums, i didn't find anyone tries this and I didn't find any limitation from Socket LGA1155.

If anyone knows or try this let me know before I messed up... 

Thank you

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Re: HP StoreEasy 1430 Processor upgrade from i3-3220T to i7-3770

Hacking is always interesting...but it's hard to say what drawbacks (if any) you will encounter doing such type of hardware upgrade on a such product (upgrade: going from Intel Core i3-3220T to Intel Core i7-3770): it looks like that HP StoreEay 1430 was born with that specific CPU and no option to upgrade it to a more powerful one (that despite the HP StoreEasy 1430 was based to HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 server platform which admitted some CPU upgrade options <-- WRT HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 server's QuickSpecs, HP removed the Intel Pentium G2100T CPU, the Intel Core i3-3220T and 3240 CPUs on December 2013...that happened probably to leave the HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 production with with Intel Xeon E3-12x0 as Performance processors and with Intel Pentium G2120 as Entry processor)...speaking about the 4-cores is for sure a more power hungry CPU with respect to the 2-cores i3 you have now (the Intel Core i7-3770 is thus able to dissipate more power - more power means more heat to be cooled - having a typical power consumption that is double the one of Intel Core i3-3220T), in the end, even if the physical CPU upgrade will happen without issues because LGA1155 Socket is the same for both and the system power up flawlessly (note that HP SystemROM manages the installed CPU and installed CPU has always a strict relationship with installed RAM banks' speed, those points can too introduce issues...hard to tell if so or not) the CPU cooling could be the major issue in the medium/long term, that - at least - from the HP StoreEay 1430's cooling design standpoint.

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