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HP StoreEasy 1640 questions

Jeff Peil
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HP StoreEasy 1640 questions


New to a job and they have a couple of these 1640's that arrived.

I had one of them deployed to the data center and have read through the Admin guide.


I don't understand a few things.  There are 12 x 4tb drives in this thing and two more in the back dedicated for the OS.


Question 1

When I create a pool it only gives me 2 options, a 5 drive pool or a 6 drive pool.  So I do the 5 drive pool with spare (6 drives gone leaving 6 left over).  I go to create a second pool and it is all greyed out.  Why can't I use the other 6 drives???


Question 2

Pool Manager only gives me the option to Create a storage pool. 

Page 55 of the Admin guide says "The HP Pool Manager is used to create, edit, grow, shrink and delete storage pools.

Where are the other Pool options?  


Question 3

I am looking for some more detailed information on clustering these 2 1640's.  The Admin guide is a bit thin on info.  Any links or other guides anyone can share?


Thanks in advance!  


Jeff Peil
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP StoreEasy 1640 questions

Ok, scratch question 2.  I figured that out.  It seems when logging on the "Initial Tasks Wizard" opens a version of Pool Manager that only shows the option to Create a pool.  If I use the Windows Server Manager and go to Tools and open HP Pool Manager, THEN I get the additional options.


Still trying to figure Question 1 (most importantly) and Question 2 (of less importance right now).