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HP SureStore HD 4000 login

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HP SureStore HD 4000 login

I want to store my Groupwise archives on this server. I'm having some issues though.. under the Windows Networking portion, it allows you to type in the Domain and Computer name of the passthrough server, I typed in "PROLAW" for my domain, "BDC" for the computername, and "" for the IP address of the BDC. All seems to work fine, except some people when they log on to the network, it wants a login and password. Its random, its never the same person everytime. So we came to the conclusion, that when you log on to an NT domain, sometimes the PDC processes your request, and sometimes the BDC does, probably depending on if its busy or not. So, if you happen to logon via the PDC, then you get asked for login info to the 4000...
Is there anyway you can add both servers as passthrough? or any other ideas? Thanks!
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Re: HP SureStore HD 4000 login

usually NT databases are automatically synchronized between PDC and BDC... I think this is NT issue, not NAS issue. Try Microsoft ITRC forum subsection,,116,00.html