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HSG80 spareset issue

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HSG80 spareset issue

Hello, I'm posting from the past!


Well not really, but it feels like it. One of my customers is running a very old (and until recently very stable) HSG80 disk array.


One of the controllers recently failed and it lost its dual redundancy. We fixed this eventually and re-established redundancy. The array should have 3 disks in the spare set. Due to failures, the array had 3 disks in the failed set, and none in the spare set. I replaced the 3 failed disks, but despite using the ADD DISK and ADD SPARESET commands, it added the new disks to the array and not to the spareset. I can't remove disks from the array as its now part of a configuration.


I'm at a loss as to what to do with this so I'm posting in the hope that someone who is either still running this kit, or remembers what to do from years ago can help me out and give me some advice. My only other plan is to obtain 3 more new disks, add them in and try and create another spareset., but I don't want another 3 disks added to the array again.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: HSG80 spareset issue

You would need to turn off the disk replacement option on the storage set(s) if you want disks in the spareset, but reduced (=non-redundant) storagesets.



Not sure why you want such a configuration, but it's your customer's data that is at risk...