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High CPU Utilization on NAS 3000b

Bob Maiers
Occasional Contributor

High CPU Utilization on NAS 3000b

I have a pair of 3000b's directly attached to a pair of MSA1000's via fiber. I am running Storage Mirroring between them as well as daily PSM snapshots. Both machines are configured identically and were purchased at the same time.

One of the machine's System processes is running at 95% utilization at random times and only returns to normal after a reboot. I notied that disk activity during the high utilization is also high. The 95% utilization is rendering this machine practically unuseable. The second NAS server is fine - no issues.

I have applied all of the HP-recommended service packs/hotfixes (W2k SP4) for a NAS device, I have applied the latest/greatest version of Storage Mirroring and PSM with no success. I have even disabled these services (as well as other non-required services like NFS) with no results. Other than the above modifications, and the installation of Trend AntiVirus, these systems are "stock" - no additional software has been installed.

The problem is intermittant... Memory utilization is very low - even when the System process is killing my CPU's its only using 256k.

Any suggestions???