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Re: Host exchange on Storage

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Host exchange on Storage

Hi !

I have c3000 enclosure with three blades and SB600c.
A also have interconnect Cisco catalist blade switch 31206G.

First blade is DC, second Exchange 2007, third for applications.

All computers and storage are domain members.

I have problem to host Exchange DB on storage.

Share folders, iSCSi targets woks fine except hosting Exchange.

When I use wizard for host an Exch storege group, I received mesage "unabel to connect to remote computer"

I instaled agent on exchange server from Storage server 2003 R2 media. (ASMAGENTINSTALLER.EXE)

Is ther something I should install on Storage server too.

What I am doing wrong?

Also I have question is it recomended to configure teaming on all blades.

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Re: Host exchange on Storage

What version of ASM do you have ?

Use the agent installer from AiO server at the following location to install on the exchange.
C:\hpnas\Components\All-in-One Storage Manager\AGENT\ASMAGENTINSTALLER.EXE
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Re: Host exchange on Storage

It was a firewall issue on server 2008, not an agent version.
I've open trafic on windows firewall beteen storage end exchange. Now works OK.