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Re: Installing any PCI card in NAS 1200s

Occasional Contributor

Installing any PCI card in NAS 1200s

Hi again,
I'm trying to install a PCI card (to add 4 usb ports) in my new NAS 1200S; but I have some trouble.

In my 1200s there is a label which says: "TOP SLOT: PCI / BOTTOM SLOT PCI-X", so I tried to insert my PCI card in the top slot (which is phisically a pci-x slot, colored in green like to bottom one) but my NAS refused to start; if I remove the new card the NAS starts immediatly.

So I figure that this top slot is not completely PCI-X compliant (which it means that is compatible with PCI and PCI-X cards).

Could someone tell me if he never tried to insert a normal PCI card in NAS 1200s and it worked fine?

Thank you
Occasional Contributor

Re: Installing any PCI card in NAS 1200s

Hi everybody,
I would like to thank you for any answer... However I answer to myself hoping this will help other IT and server manager.

Yes the NAS 1200S can support PCI card (as a PCI USB 2.0 card). I reallt needed a USB 2.0 port on my server (the original ones are only 1.1!). I purchase a first PCI card which was not 'PCI-X compatible' and it didn't work. Now I purchased a PCI card which is officially 'PCI-X compatible' and now it works very well.

Please remeber that the two slot are not the same 8in my AS there a stick which tells "PCI SLOT on TOP and PCI-X slot on bottom", so my usb PCI card is installed on top and the scsi controller on bottom.