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Lost password/disks

andrew rowley

Lost password/disks

Due to a sudden staff departure, we finf that we do not have the password for our Storageworks 1200s - also no sign of any CDs.

How can we reset the password (would prefer not to lose the config - but we do have all the data)? Looked in the manuals we can find on the site but no luck
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Re: Lost password/disks

Hi Andrew,
The default password for the system is "hpinvent".
If you have the system joined to a domain, you can typically use the Domain Administrator login (which gets added to the Local Administrator's group when joining Domain).
It neither of these work, there are "password reset" utilities that your can download. Basically these are an OS on a CD which mounts the OS drive and hacks the password in Windows. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. These utilities can be found by doing an internet search.
The original OS disks can be ordered from:
Click on "Storage and NAS"
Search for "HP StorageWorks 1200s"

Good luck,
Jon Paul
Ross Gay
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Re: Lost password/disks

Hi Andrew,

I have a similar problem as you as our IT admin past away not that long ago and i now require to logon to the server. I can only access the guest account as it has no password.

Have you found a solution to this yet?