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Re: Lost "HP Remote Administration HTML"

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Lost "HP Remote Administration HTML"

After reinstalling IIS on storageworks 1200s I have lost "HP Remote Administration HTML" which provides port 3202. I try to restore this option trough add/remove, but seems, it not included by standard setup.
Jon Paul
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Re: Lost "HP Remote Administration HTML"

Hi Uldis,

Ummm, the 1200s is NOT a standard server. Repairing only selected portions of the OS is not "supported".

To get back to square 1 you should do a complete Quick Restore. (make sure you have saved your data, this is data destructive. You have been warned)

If you just want to get the WebUI working again, add a web-site to you IIS config,
configure as:
Home Directory: c:\Windows\System32\ServerAppliance\Web

That should get the webUI working but no promises.

BTW: Why did you have to re-install IIS?