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ML110 G2 1TB - Adaptec 2610SA and failed drive?

Brett Charlton
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ML110 G2 1TB - Adaptec 2610SA and failed drive?


Wonder if someone can help. Standard ML110 G2 1TB with Windows 2003 Appliance Server. 4 X 250GB hard-disks in a RAID5 array. Last week Adaptec Storage Manager logged an event that the hard-disk on port 3 had failed. Rebooted server and array status moved to "rebuilding". Didn't do anything with the supposed "failed" drive. Array rebuilt successfully. Yesterday, the same fault event occurred and the array is now rebuilding - given the size of the array this is probably going to take all weeeknd to rebuild/verify.

Anyone got any ideas? Is this a real failure? Surely a reboot shouldn't move the drive status from failed to rebuilding if the drive was really and truly failed?!

Be grateful for some advice before I place a support call to replace the suspect drive.



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Re: ML110 G2 1TB - Adaptec 2610SA and failed drive?

I'd recommend going ahead and placing the support call. Explain the symptoms as you have here, and let them make the recommendation of what to do next. The first step support will probably take is to have the drive replaced.

It is conceivable that the drive could be going bad. It could be an issue with predictive failure statistics, etc.

It could also be other hardware (controller, backplane, etc.), or could even be software/OS based.

I'd let support do the troubleshooting and make the recommendations. That way you aren't on the hook for hardware costs, etc. (For example, if you ask for a replacement drive, and then it turns out to not be the hard drive that's bad....)

Re: ML110 G2 1TB - Adaptec 2610SA and failed drive?

I'd suggest to have copies of those error messages handy when you call - you'd prompted to provide Event ID's, Sources and error codes if any - it always helps to have them in sequence anyway. Especially when you get them in cycles or some kind of a phantom pattern without hard info.

On a side note, if that Storage Manager has anything close to be a relabeled PSM driver (Persistent Storage Manager driver signed by Columbia Data Products, ...system32\drivers\psman5.sys), then you'd probably need to invest some time researching if there is an update available from either HP or Adaptec in hopes to either clarify reasons for that failure or to get a more verbose error. There was a long story about PSM in it's own time on NAS 1000s with Win2k, where there were updates and updates released after reported RAID low performance and quite misleading errors logged. Good luck.
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