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MSA20 Replacement drive Waiting Rebuild

Richard Drage
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MSA20 Replacement drive Waiting Rebuild

I have an MSA20 loaded with 8 500meg SATA drives configured in one Raid 6, 6 drive partition and one Raid 0+1 2 drive partition,
connected to an SA-6402 installed in a DL380-G3 running Windows 2003 server.
After replacing a failed drive in a Raid 6, 6 drive set, the drive rebuilds to 100% then it's status changes to "Waiting for Rebuild" and the drive never comes on line.

Firmware versions:
6402: 2.68
MSA20: 1.52
Drive Model: Maxtor 6H500F0
Product Rev: HA431DD0

Many thanks

Any assistance greatly appreciated.