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MSA2012sa firmware and software update?

Haydee Robles
Occasional Contributor

MSA2012sa firmware and software update?

Getting ready to configure an MSA2012sa storage with proliant servers & win2008 R2 and need to know if there are software or firmware updates i should do first.  I went to the link below, but i'm not sure if  any of the firmware - SAS storage disk apply to what we have.  Our current browser status page says we have HUS15454VLS300 :A570

In the link below I see HUS15454VLS600.


For the firmware - Storage Controller -  we currently have version J300P20, i think we want to update to "HP StorageWorks 2000sa Modular Smarat Array controller firmware" J300P23.  is this correct?


I'm not sure if we need to update the software by downloading the software CD-Rom v2.25  or the software - support pack??    not sure how to check what software version we have now,,,

please advice.





Miguel Angel Burdalo
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSA2012sa firmware and software update?



Looking for a solution for this problem I've seen your post... Did you update your system?. This kind of updates scare me a little bit... I don't want to find me in a trouble if it's not really necessary.