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Media Smart WHS help

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Media Smart WHS help

I need some advice on retrieving files from my windows Media Smart home server.  I was moving some pictures around yesterday on the server and it became unreachable.  Cound't ping or RDP or anything.  I tried rebooting and nothing helped.  The health light is flashing a constant blue.  I removed the 1Tb hard drive and plug it into a spare slot on my desktop.  When I power on my desktop I can see two new drives on my computer.  A System D: drive and  Data E: drive.  When I explore the E: drive I can see all my folders and files in the shared folder.  The files all look to be fine and the server is showing 500Mb/1Tb used.  The issue is that when I try to open any of the files or copy any of them to my desktop I get an error.  Am I doing something wrong with the retrieval?  The files all seems to be there but it seems like the D: drive just is not booting properly.  Any advice on how to retrieve the data from the E: data drive?




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