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Media Vault 2020 and Transactional NTFS

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Media Vault 2020 and Transactional NTFS

Does anyone know the answer to this question - does the Media Vault 2020 support Transactional NTFS on a Vista based network ?

Also, it occurs to me to ask if the Media Vault will work on a domain as a standalone device and support pass-through authentication etc ...

I want to buy a NAS device, but want it to support the improved features of T-NTFS on a domain.

Thanks - Adrian
Charles Radman
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Re: Media Vault 2020 and Transactional NTFS

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your interest in the HP Media Vault MV2020 product. At this time the HP Media Vault does not support the new TxF (Transactional NTFS) feature of Vista.

The HP Media Vault will work on a domain and if you place the unit into User Mode you can create User Accounts/Passwords with specific access rights. However this will not authenticate against an Active Directory infastructure. As such the client PC will likely require you to log into the HP Media Vault if both reside on a Domain and you are using User Mode where a User Name and Password are required for access.

Best Regards,

Charles Radman, PMP
HP Media Vault Product Support Manager
Marcus Foster
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Re: Media Vault 2020 and Transactional NTFS

I'm having a similar issue, but slightly different. We have a HP MediaVault 2020 at work. Apparently, it is functioning in our domain since setting it to user-based mode. I can perform a search and find it by its device name. However, when I try to connect to it, and enter the proper user-based name and password, I get the following message,

"\\HPMediaVault is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

When this speaks of "this server" is this in reference to the media vault itself? If so, then the credentials I created on the media vault and attempting to sign on as has full access rights. Please advise. Thanks. Marcus