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Mediasmart Server HP EX490

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Mediasmart Server HP EX490


It appears the network card has failed in the MediaSmart server.  I attempted to connect to the server on the network and by using a crossover cable, and the connection keeps connecting, then dropping, then connecting, then dropping ad-nauseum. The drives are fine, I was able to pull them out and test them in your desktop server, and the data is all still there an intact.   We can't connect to the server remotely because it won't keep a network connection, and there is NO VIDEO PORT on the server to connect a monitor to.

Any thoughts on how to resolve?

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Re: Mediasmart Server HP EX490

Hi John


That is a bad scenario.  I don't expect HP to ever answer your post, but if you still wanted to persue it, you can order a cable/interface to allow a monitor and keyboard access to your EX490 (if this is something you are still trying to resolve)