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Migration from WPOS NAS to WSS2003

Francisco Macias Bueso
Occasional Contributor

Migration from WPOS NAS to WSS2003


We have a NAS B2000 V2 ( its a Proliant DL380 G3). Our intention are migrate the OS to WSS2003. But we read the Customer Bulletin Document ID : CB0204W about the problem
with Windows Server 2003 SP1, and we have also the update CD with Server Service Release 5.5.
For all that, we think that the rights steps to process with the migration are the following:

1 - Install hp Storage Works OS migration for NASb2000 v2 (Release 4.0b) as are indicated at "Migration Guide" (Part number 352484-001)
2 - Don't install the Windows Server 2003 SP1
3 - Install HP Storage Server Service Rel.5.5

But, why the NAS B2000 V2 don't appear as platforms that Service Release 5.5
was configured to run ?

Please can somebody indicate us the corrects steps to make the migration ?

Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: Migration from WPOS NAS to WSS2003

Hello Fancisco,
Depending on how much migration versus how much re-configuration you want to do the steps are very different.
There is a lengthy document (comes on a CD in the upgrade kit PN: 352549-001) with the migration kit which will help you through a true migration, where you would be able to retain the Machine SID, local users/groups, shares, UNIX username mappings, etc ...
If you are willing to basically "start from scratch" the steps are as few as you stated above. (Correct, DO NOT INSTALL SP1 on a Windows Storage Server. Using SR 5.5 will install SP1 and avoid the BSOD during the hardware validation)

The service releases are geared only for the Windows Storage Server platforms. No WPOS platforms are supported with the service releases.
Francisco Macias Bueso
Occasional Contributor

Re: Migration from WPOS NAS to WSS2003

Hello Jon Paul,

The "Migration Guide" that I referred before are the same document you say comes on
a CD in the upgrade Kit. We are speaking about the same document.
My intention are make the migration as that guide indicate.
My principal question was about if the SR 5.5 its right to install on a NAS b2000
,and the order to install the migration and the SR 5.5.

Thanks for you help.