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NAS 1000 w/ 3rd party email server

John Warren_2
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NAS 1000 w/ 3rd party email server

Can the NAS1000 with Win2k SAK 2.0 be used as a small simple email server for a small company? We have limited IT resources and feel the expense and complexability of MS Exchange would be too much. would Eudora WorldMail Server v2.0 work on this NAS Device? Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: NAS 1000 w/ 3rd party email server

The HP stance is that this would not be a supported configuration. The 1000S is a NAS server, not an e-mail server. If you called into support with any problems, they would either tell you to uninstall that software, or would not assist you.

Although the OS is "Windows Powered OS", it is very similar to Windows 2000 Server. It may be possible to run such applications on it.

However, be advised that Microsoft did things to the Windows Powered OS to prevent certain applications (such as Exchange, SQL server, etc.) from being installed or run on the OS. It is possible that these modifications could prevent the application from installing, or worse, could let the application install but then could affect it (i.e. make it work improperly, or not at all).