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NAS 1000S - Can I convert to NAS 1200S ?


NAS 1000S - Can I convert to NAS 1200S ?


I have a NAS1000S and a NAS1200S.

The 1000S is pretty old now, running Windows Server 2000, whereas, although quite old too, the 1200S at least runs Windows Server 2003.

I have come across an HP Bulletin which advises, that since the 1000S and 1200S are actually the same hardware, the 1000S hardware is no longer supported and would be replaced, if necessary, by a 1200S unit. There is a BIOS "upgrade" that can be applied to a 1200S to convert it into a 1000S.

So, my question is, is it possible to go the other way ? i.e, can a 1000S be reflashed to a 1200S to take advantage of Windows Server 2003 and the more recent OS patches that are available ?