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NAS 1000s & 2000s


NAS 1000s & 2000s

I would like to know if its possible install this NAS servers in to a server with LINUX Red Hat 9.
if Its compatible and wath an i do to install?

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Re: NAS 1000s & 2000s

I'm not clear on what the question is here.

Are you asking if you can use Red Hat 9 to connect to the NAS 1000s and 2000s?

(Note that the new 1000s is called the 1200s -- are you asking about the old one or new one? Not that it really matters for this question, but it could matter a lot for other questions.)

The answer to that is Yes.

If you are asking if you can install Red Hat 9.0 over top of the NAS, then yes, you could do that to. But don't expect the HP NAS team to support a custom-built Red Hat 9.0 file server.

If you are asking about running VMWARE on the server, and running the HP Windows NAS in one session and Red Hat 9.0 in another session, then our answer to that would be "Definitely Not".