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NAS 1000s reboots every 10 mins

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NAS 1000s reboots every 10 mins

Hi All

We have a strange issue whereby at least 4 of our 1Tb 1000s NASs have started rebooting every 10 minutes or so, seemingly all within a few days of each other! Two of these machines are in our live environment (in different geographical locations) and two we have as test/spares in the office. The strange thing is the two on live have both started behaving this way within a week of each other, to attempt to diagnose this we dug out the spares only to find two of these with the same symptoms!

When they reboot, the Windows 2000 boxes seem to shut down gracefully and leave no error in Event log, but one thats been upgraded to WSS 2003 just black screen reboots as if you've pulled the power, then the OS subsequently reports an unexpected shutdown.

I have a working 1000s which Ive used as a guinea pig to swap parts from, and have swapped the following over without successfully diagnosing the issue:

All HDDs (so its not an OS issue)
CMOS battery

...basically anything I can swap easily. The BIOS is the same version on both, and Ive reset the BIOS keeping a ~2001 date to ensure its not some weird BIOS date problem, the only thing left to swap is the motherboard and the disk backplane, but before I do that I thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone else is having similar issues or any ideas what could be causing the problem?