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NAS 1200 Rebuild

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NAS 1200 Rebuild

We currently have a NAS 1200 with a failed hard drive, I have changed all 4 hard drives and instead of having 4 x 250GB hard drives, we now have 4 x 500GB hard drives.

Hard Drive Configuration is as follows

Drive 0 and Drive 1 - Mirrored C drive for OS

Drives 0 - 3 Raid 5 configuration (D Drive)

If I was to totally rebuild the OS using the recovery DVD, it is possible to setup Raid 5 for both the C and D partition before loading the OS.
Jon Paul
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Re: NAS 1200 Rebuild

Answer: Nope
You should also have an E drive (backup OS) which is mirrored on disks 2 and 3.
The quick restore will always recreate the drives when rebuilding.
If you want to make the OS RAID 5. I think (big disclaimer here) that you can.
- Delete the Drive E
- Remove the mirror on Drive C
- You should have drive C as a simple disk
- Create a RAID set using all 4 drives from the Drive C simple volume.
One thing to be aware of, if you remove the backup OS (Drive E) and add software to C which breaks the OS (Blue Screen), you have no backup to retain your data. You will have to use a CD/DVD that will boot an OS that can read NTFS to save your data in that event. Also, HP support may claim that you are in an unsupported configuration.
Good luck,
Jon Paul