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NAS 1200s 320GB Fan Failure

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NAS 1200s 320GB Fan Failure

Hi, I have a NAS 1200s where the large fan has failed. I talked with HP trying to get a spare part number for the fan assembly and I am being told I have to replace the entire box which is pretty hard to believe. Does anyone know if this true or know where to get a replacement part?


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Re: NAS 1200s 320GB Fan Failure

Hi Patrick, unfortunatly this is true, there are no parts listed for these at HP other than the full box options and there is no service manual, just a page saying it is an option swap unit. However they are pretty basic inside and I would suggest removing the fan and taking it to a hardware shop (in UK, Maplins) and find a similar spec that will fit. This should work fine.
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