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NAS 2000s Upgrade - Move Array?

Andrew Bradley II
Occasional Contributor

NAS 2000s Upgrade - Move Array?

We currently have a NAS 2000s unit with dual external cages in a RAID 1+0 configuration.

What I am curious about is can I unplug the cages and move them to a DL380G4 server that we also own and have all the data remain intact?
Also, as this is holding Windows fileshares, I assume that if the drives move Windows on the new server will be able to view the files, but all of our Windows shares will need to be recreated?

I want to update the 2000s and we have the DL380 available, I am also wanting to do with without needing to restore from Tape or some other method to move the data - I want to just move the drive cages and have everything be the same as it was - if possible.

What do you all think? Possible?


Andy Bradley
Valued Contributor

Re: NAS 2000s Upgrade - Move Array?


It is possible, but you'll need to rebuild your Windows file shares. How are you connected? Are you using a Smart Array 5300 (or SA 6400) to connect to the external storage array? [Are you using MSA30's?] Or are you using the SA 5i controller which came with the 2000s (2000s uses DL380 G3 hardware) to connect to the external arrays? Note: The DL380 G4 uses a different controller, the SA 6i.

Also, HP has some information supporting what you want to do. Maybe someone can help out here.
Jon Paul
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Re: NAS 2000s Upgrade - Move Array?

Hi Andy,

As Keith said, we are not sure of your hardware setup. If you have your "external cages" (MSA30? SCSI JBODs) connected using a controller which is qualified in the DL380G4, then you can move the controller and JBODs and the new system should see all the logical drives. If you can not move the controller, then there are some migration options with the Smart Array Controllers. I did a GOOGLE search for "Migrating from 5300 HP" and came up with this Whitepaper from HP.

You are correct that the SHARE information will remain with the OS. You will have to re-create the shares and share permissions. NTFS permissions will remain for domain users but local user/group permissions will be lost.

Hope this helps,
Jon Paul
Andrew Bradley II
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Re: NAS 2000s Upgrade - Move Array?

Update - Current Hardware Config.

We have 2 MSA30 units that are setup as a RAID 1+0.
Controller is a Smart Array 6400 EM PCI.

Here is another thought - this one is getting out there.

1) Remove the 2nd MSA30 from the mirror on the existing server
2) Build a new DL380G4 and attach the old MSA30
3) Reconfigure the MSA30 as a new RAID-5 set
4) X-Copy the data from the old server (that still has 1/2 of the old 1+0 set) to the new RAID-5 dataset
5) Take down the old server and add the drives into the new RAID-5 set.

I understand that I would be removing the mirrored pair - but RAID-5 should be sufficient for this (it is just a Windows file server).

Thanks again for the info,