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NAS 4000s / MSA 1000 Disk Problems

Frank Mayer
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NAS 4000s / MSA 1000 Disk Problems

we have one of 40 MSA1000 Storages which make great problems. In this MSA are 14 146GB Disks, which are configured as 8 350 GB logical Drives. All drives are ok after reboot exept one. Secure Path Manager shows for this Drive both FCA Controller in the MSA active, on other drives only one is active. So i see the disk on both clusternodes. Thre is also an FCA Tape Libary connected to the FCS Switch. I cant disconnect the one Controller from the Disk. What can be the Problem?

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Re: NAS 4000s / MSA 1000 Disk Problems

Hi Frank

Make sure firmware is correct

See below

Compaq MSA1000 Firmware

Version 4.48

Update the firmware on the drive that is giving issues, all drives should be on the same version otherwise you might pick up issues.

Do you have the bare drive number BD?????

What is th firmware on the other drives?