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NAS 500, Network Slow downs & DFS

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NAS 500, Network Slow downs & DFS

Hi NG ,

Have a problem that is now really very strange and leaving le at a loss..!!
I have DFS replicating & running fine across three sites on a NAS 500 but at one site the users are having real
slow downs when trying to acces the DFS route. Its getting to the point of
nearly unworkable.

I cant see anything wrong in setups at all but i have physicaly witnessed
the lack of speed.
You can be looking at sometimes 30-40 secs before the click though on the
next level down .
I have looked at properties on the folders and the DFS tab is showing that
they are using the local copy and if i ask for a status it shows all is
If i jump on a machine at the site that is having the issue and ping the local AD
i get pings <10ms . So thats good....

If i then ping the NAS box that is holding the DFS shares i get pings of
<10ms , good again....


if on the same machine i drive to the DFS of \\gcosta\central it is really
slow. I have checked where the user is being pointed to and it is there
local drive.

Im now confused as to why the slow downs.... Nothin is appearing in logs to
point to errors.... So far the only suggestion i
have had on DFS group could be a failing disk but im not sure on that . Have
checked disks and all seem to pass fine.

I have just for sanity, stopped DFS & FRS services on the NAS box just in case but nothing ... BUT if i shut the WHOLE server down network speeds up .?!?!?!?!?!!

If any one has any suggestions im open to them ..!!!!


Jon Paul
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Re: NAS 500, Network Slow downs & DFS

Hi Glen,
Bad network card????

Check some of the performance counters in perfmon (memory, processor, network, disk system). Is the system waiting on the network or is the network waiting on the system?
Check your switch to see if there are lots of collisions or too much traffic from the NAS500. Good utility for network traces,, watch a copy from the NAS to a client and see where delays are.