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NAS B2000 pool size problem - HELP!!!!!!!!!

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NAS B2000 pool size problem - HELP!!!!!!!!!

We have a NAS B2000. It ran out of space quite a while back, and as a resolution we dropped two QLogic cards in the system, and created a LUN on our EVA 5000 of double the size. All was fine and good, but then that filled up.

I increased the lun size from 200Gb to 400Gb.
The NAS B2000 did not see all 400Gb.
It is just one pool, and one drive letter on that pool.
When right clicking the Pool, the General tab stated 200Gb, but the Storage Units tab showed 400. Odd...
Ran out of space again. I increased to 475Gb on the SAN... ran the wizard to increase space on the F: drive, and it only let me add 6gb.
Now on the pool it says 255871MB under the general tab. 0Mb Free Space.. so the pool is empty.
Storage units though, shows as 486398Mb.

Why is there this discrepancy? How can I resolve this to where all of my storage is seen by the pool?
Or is something else messed up? Need help urgently.. only 5gb free now on the logical disk, and I don't want to keep burning 75gb of SAN disk to add 5gb of local disk
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Re: NAS B2000 pool size problem - HELP!!!!!!!!!

The Pool you are referring you mean a hardware pool on the EVA or a virtual replicator pool on the NAS or perhaps you just mean the drive on your server? I am a little confused.

It sounds like you had a lun presented to the EVA of 200GB and then extended that lun to 400GB but never extended the drive within the operating system.
You could follow the microsoft article listed below:
Also, you could use the hp GUI based program called Storage Volume Growth.