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NAS DL100 1500s - Sharing Files

Darrin Addams_1
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NAS DL100 1500s - Sharing Files


I'm trying to set my NAS up for several users to access remotely. I was using a SSL-VPN appliance before which is attached to a firewall and then to a normal server. Noting the NAS' file sharing capabilities I'm experimenting with this as a simpler and less expensive alternative. My NAS is a DL100 1500s and I've set it up for two users to access. My problem is this: I can access my shares with no problem but having created a file, the other user cannot amend or save this same file. It's as though a user has ownership of a given file and this can't be changed. Ideally, I want the file, whoever creates it, to inherit the permissions from the containing folder so that anyone within the authorised group can read from, or write to the file. Just to confirm, read access works fine, it's write access which is the problem.

I understand that it might be a nice feature to enforce protection of users' files but there must be a way of also allowing multiple users to, in turn, edit each others' files where necessary.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks :)